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  • Live Streaming and Online Video Platform Solutions
  • Maximize Your Digital Media Presence with Advanced Video Playback Cloud Hosting and Intelligent Device Detection
  • Enhance Your Brand With Customizable Player Designs Encoding Profiles and More

RBM.tv Offers a User-Friendly Video Management Solution for Live Streaming & VOD

It provides flexibility and the highest level of customization options. RBM.tv is an affordable solution for anyone seeking a robust, flexible media distribution tool.

Deliver Video


Live Streaming across Multiple Devices. Connect with iPhone, iPad & Android viewers using HTML5 Smart Players & state of the art technology.

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Maximize Your Brand

Your Brand

Customizable encoding profiles, support many output formats automatically from a single upload. RBM.tv is a fast and easy workflow solution.

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Monetize Your Media

Your Media

Take advantage of our sophisticated built-in ad network, robust traffic analytics and video SEO features to grow your advertising revenue online.

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About RBMtv

RBM.tv simplifies the process to deliver HD quality live streaming broadcasts to any device or browser.
Our online video platform was built to empower social communities with the back-end support needed for community based media content.

RBM.tv provides custom, tailored solutions to Fortune 500 companies and hundreds of online communities.


Upload and Walk Away

Upload your media with multiple methods ranging from easy upload methods like FTP uploads or email uploads all the way to fully custom solutions using our REST API.

Power Controls For Styling

Enhance your brand with fully customizable player designs, supporting watermarks, podcast syndication, social media integration and many more!

1 Video In, Many Formats Out

Using RBM.TV’s live cloud based transcoding solution, you only need to deliver a single format but you can view live in multiple formats.

Live Streaming Across Multiple Devices

RBM.TV offers an easy solution for cloud based live broadcasting. Stream live to any of your mobile devices, to unlimited viewers!


RBM.tv provides flexibility and the highest level of customization options. Without the restrictions most OVPs impose, the solution provides API access, CDN aggregation, live transcoding and transmux support.


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